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1.3.0 (v143) - 2006/02/13
- Fixed: When auto-upgrading from v131 to v142, instant messaging was

1.3.0 (v142) - 2006/02/10
- Fixed: Disable cancel button on Login
- Fixed: Updated password validation
- Fixed: IM chat variant preference bug
- Added: DTMF tone mode to the Advanced options. Possible modes are in-band,
out-of-band, and automatic (default).
- Fixed: IM Emoticon sizing issue
- Added: Drag Image when moving contacts around in Contact list.
- Added: Failsafe chat window configuration
- Changed: Phonebook is now referred as "Contacts" or "Contact List".
- Changed: Default Login/Hangup sound volume is reduced.
- Fixed: Status persistence bug
- Fixed: If "Show Offline Contacts" is off, handle presence changes correctly.
- Fixed: Im Emoticon display issue
- Fixed: Use the newest IM message styles.
- Added: Dialpad to the main tabs.
- Added: When the Phonebook view is set to not "Show Offline Contacts", show
number of online contacts in the group folder item.
- Changed: Now using transparent emoticons in IM window
- Changed: Enabled copy via CTRL+C in IM window
- Changed: Improved the performance of "Rename Group" in the Phonebook.
- Changed: Handle the Phonebook scroll bars better when the view is switched
from Large Icons to Small Icons or when the main window is resized.
- Changed: Enable out-of-band DTMF by default. This function is now working in
the core.
- Fixed: Don't show the new user login view on the login dialog if
the user has logged in before.
- Fixed: Add Contact by Group in the right click context menu of the
- Fixed: On first app run when the new user login appeared, a network
check was tried.
- Fixed: If the current user login had empty values and auto login was
a network connection check was tried.
- Fixed: Validate user login fields before trying a network connection check.
- Fixed: Show login validation errors modal to the Login window.
- Fixed: When grouping in the phonebook, if a group was added to the end of
sorted list, the group contents count would be off by 1.
- Fixed: Password corruption issue in the login screen when the
password was retrieved from the settings.
- Added: Confirmation window to the Add Contacts Wizard when
inviting users to use the application.
- Added: New option to turn on/off contact grouping in Phonebook.
- Added: Persist Group expand/collapse state for the Phonebook.
- Added: Drag and Drop moving of contacts in the Phonebook.
- Added: Group droplist to Add/Edit Contact windows
- Changed: When doing an import of contacts via the wizard, set
the Phonebook group to be "Imported from Outlook/Outlook Express".
- Changed: Add Contacts window re-designed
- Fixed: Crash with deleting a contact from the Phonebook.
- Fixed: Crash with adding a contact to the phonebook.
- Added: First pass at showing contact groups in the Phonebook.
- Added: New/Rename Group window.
- Added: Added Click/Right-click msupport in the Phonebook.
- Changed: Improved threading in network detection logic
- Fixed: Call disconnection status bug.
- Fixed: First incoming IM message displayed without style.
- Fixed: Only pad the display name for IM tabs.
- Added: IM tabbed view now enabled
- Added: IM options screen
- Added: Initial presence now being sent to server at login
- Added: Ability to manage blocked users.
- Added: In-call Google Map now shows name and avatar if the caller/callee
is clicked.
- Added: Credits file to the install folder.
- Changed: Some options are stored in files by account name rather than in a
global area seen by all users.
- Fixed: If duplicate Add Buddy Requests come in from an external chat
domain, ignore the second request.
- Fixed: Don't do an Add Buddy request if the call comes in via Call In.
- Fixed: Bring the IM window to the front if it already appears on the
- Fixed: When removing a contact from the Phonebook, there was a small
cosmetic issue with the background color.
- Fixed: Idle/Away issues with custom statuses
- Fixed: Invisible status issues

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