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Fraps 2.8.0

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Fraps 2.8.0  Girişi değiştir

  • Added full-size video capture up to 2560x1600 for dual core CPUs
  • Added G15 gameinfo screen (mapped to 4th button)
  • Added Targa (TGA) screenshot format support
  • Added dual core optimizations to Fraps FPS1 codec
  • Added extra digit to counter (now displays above 999 fps)
  • Improved full-size D3D9 video capture speed (10-20%)
  • Fixed G15 display not scaling properly with high framerates
  • Fixed Company of Heroes reporting 999 fps
  • Fixed mouse cursor offset in some windowed applications
  • Fixed flickering movies recording Flight Simulator 9/FSX with dual monitors

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