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Flock 1.0

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Flock 1.0  Girişi değiştir

* Flock 1.0 introduces the concept of "People".
* Several performance enhancements have been implemented and several memory leaks have been fixed.
* Several Firefox extensions including FireFTP and Chatzilla are known to be incompatible with Flock's toolbar causing icons to be misplaced or missing.
* Your Windows account must have admin priviliges To install Flock. This will be restriction will be removed in an upcoming Flock release.

* Flock 1.0 has added a "People" sidebar to support new service integration with Facebook and Twitter.
* Flock has been tested for users with up to two thousand friends. Beyond a thousand friends, unforeseen challenges may exist. Closing the People sidebar may return your surfing speed to normal. If you are incredibly popular with more than 2000 friends, we would love to hear about how the People sidebar is working for you. Please send your feedback to popularitycontest at
* Flickr and Youtube have been promoted to "People" services.
* Facebook associated avatars for friends will occasionally not show up.
* When uploading to Facebook, if no album is specified, the photo will be uploaded to a default album for the application, which will be created if necessary. Regular albums have a size limit of 60 photos. Default application albums have a size limit of 1000 photos.
* Clearing your Twitter status causes an alert to show up indicating "An Error Updating Your Status". The easiest workaround is to replace your status with a space.

* Flock is unable to upload files with the .jpeg extension to Piczo.
* Accessing own private Photobucket photos when not logged in to Photobucket does not bring you to the Photobucket login page.
* If for some reason the upload process fails, perhaps a network connection issue, tags and descriptions associated with the photos will be lost.
* When using Hotmail in plain text, Dragging a picture from the media bar the email recipient will receive blank content.
* Some valid flickr accounts are not discoverable through the media search bar.

* Flock will not auto discover your account when logging into Magnolia using your Facebook account ID.
* If your computer's clock is too slow or fast you may experience errors when publishing your favorites to or ma.gnolia.
* Drag'n Dropping a local Favorites Folder onto your Online favorites does not work correctly. A folder with no name is created that includes a blank favorite.

Blog Editor
* When customizing the blog editor toolbar, the customize window has duplicate icons.
* Replacing a Blogsome blog entry does not work correctly.
* Replacing a self-hosted Wordpress blog entry does not work correctly.

* Craig's list searches will not show up in the search flyout when searching from the browser's search box.

Migration and Import
* Web clipboard content dont always migrate when updating Flock from 0.9 to 1.0.
* Photos dragged to the uploader but not yet uploaded will not migrate when updating Flock.
* When importing IE settings when starting Flock for the first time, if two or more sites are set as home pages, Flock will only import one page.
* Firefox live bookmarks not always handled properly during import.
* Firefox bookmarks are not being indexed when imported. The Flock star will not hilite when one of these pages are visited nor will it show up in search from the search bar.

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