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FileZilla 3.0.3 RC1

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FileZilla 3.0.3 RC1  Girişi değiştir

+ Automatic server timezone detection. Custom offset in the Site Manager may need to be adjusted. FTP only.
+ Option to preserve file timestamps on downloads (all protocols)
+ Option to preserve file timestamps on uploads on FTP servers supporting the MFMT command
+ Add transfer type (ascii/binary/auto) selection to transfer menu
- Shorten very long filenames on file exists dialog
- Attempt at working around broken routers and firewalls disconnecting the control connection of the transfer session on transfers
- Deleting directories containing lots of files should be faster now
- Disallow settings/site import from files located in the settings storage directory
- Fix nullpointer dereference on non-UTF8 enabled SFTP servers
- *nix: Fix button height inconsistencies on dialogs with certain artwork (e.g. Ubuntu 7.10)

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