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Eraser 6.0.10

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Eraser 6.0.10  Girişi değiştir

Revision Description Author
2349-2351 Updated Italian translation. A. Ramacciotti
2401 Updated LZMA SDK for Bootstrapper to use the beta 9.22 SDK which is the only one available from 7-zip. Joel
2529 Improved Recycle Bin support for non-NTFS drives on Windows. Joel
2540 Fixed Scheduler display bug where tasks added using the Shell Context Menu could appear in the schedule as Not Queued even if it was configured to run automatically, if a task was already running. Joel
2547, 2550, 2554, 2562 Fixed dereferencing of non-volume reparse points. Erasing files in earlier versions when a reparse point was in a path could cause Eraser to refuse erasing the file. Joel
2563, 2565 Disable all entropy mixing algorithms except SHA-1 so that Eraser can continue to function even when FIPS mode is enabled under Windows XP. Joel
2564 Bug fix for CryptoAPI crash on startup under certain circumstances. Joel
2575 Fixed persistence of non-default erasure methods for erasure targets. Joel
2576 Allow users to exit from an invalid custom erasure method editor state if he clicks cancel or closes the dialog.

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