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Sep, 10th 2004

bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with wrong displayed free disk space.

bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with not working shared directories control.

bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug with missing UTF8 conversion in web interface.

bluecow: Added 7-zip file extension to known archive types for publishing and searching files.

bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug in main toolbar initialiation which could cause not working shortcuts.

bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) issue with copying ed2k links to clipboard.

bluecow: Workaround for an obvious bug in Windows DNS library which returned invalid data.

bluecow: Fixed a bug which could cause resumed files (due to less disk space) get paused again immediatly.

bluecow: Added option to specify whether the system code page shall be used to non-Unicode string conversions (SetSystemACP=1). This is only for backward compatibility for users which specified a different codepage for non-Unicode applications. It is not recommended to use this option without having a very special reason to do so.

bluecow: Added automatic detection of system code and current codepage when eMule is started the 1st time (semi-automatic setting of SetSystemACP=1).

bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with empty IP filter listview control.

bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with missing tooltips in download listview control.

  • Fixed the "Run As Secure User" function
  • Fixed a "Runtime Error"-crash which could appear when Kad is enabled
  • Fixed handling of corrupt known2.met files
  • Fixed a bug which let eMule temporary assume a wrong AICH hash for a partfile which was rehashed after startup
  • Fixed some potential problems with reading media info from files
Sep, 9th 2004

bluecow: Fixed divide by zero bug in Kad contact histogram

bluecow: Fixed UploadSpeedSense UDP pinger.

zz: Fixed alphabetical sortorder for resume next file.

Unk: The delay in creating upload slots can cause the credit system upload method to remove too many upload slots.. (fixed)

Sep, 8th 2004

Unk: Fixed a possible memleak bug I added in 44a with a bad Kad Tag.

bluecow: Fixed memleaks in PC finder and frame grab threads.

bluecow: Added AspectRatio property to Media Info dialog.

bluecow: Added verification whether file extension of downloaded/shared files matches the file format (only used with MediaInfo library installed -- see also, older change log entries according MediaInfo Lib).

bluecow: Added new preferences setting 'InspectAllFileTypes=1', currently used only in MediaInfo dialog to determine the file format of downloading/shared files by evaluating the headers (most usefull when MediaInfo Lib is installed).

bluecow: Fixed bugs in Video Preview and Archive Preview threads related to wrong file pointer usage which could create wrong temporary files for previewing (in rare situations).

bluecow: Added new preferences setting 'PreviewCopiedArchives=0' to use an alternate method for previewing archive files (faster, uses less disk space on temporary folder drive).

bluecow: Added new preferences setting 'ShowActiveDownloadsBold=1'. Active downloading files and uploading sources are shown in bold font in Transfere window.

bluecow: Changed: server.met and ipfilter.dat URLs are added to auto-completion lists even the download failed to not loose the entered URLs.

bluecow: Added: When selecting multiple servers in servers list control, a tooltip is shown with summarized stats of selected servers.

bluecow: Added: When selecting multiple search results, a tooltip is shown with shows the summarized file sizes of the selected files.

bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug with manually saved log files.

bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug with "?" character in file comments dialog.

bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug with ANSI log files which were continued in Unicode.

Sep, 3rd 2004

Unk: Change in the source Index so it only sends the most recent entries..

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