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DivX 6.6

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  • Compression has been generally improved, and the \"Fastest\" encoding mode is up to 7% more efficient
  • HD encoding is slightly faster in all modes, and the \"Insane\" quality mode is over 10% faster
  • The DivX video decoder is up to 12% faster
  • Includes experimental motion search for benchmarking new SSE4 instruction on Intel Penryn/Hi-K CPUs


  • Fixed a bug in the encoder where “Fastest” mode was being used when “High Performance” mode was selected
  • Fixed support for setting the display aspect ratio when real time de-interlacing is enabled
  • Fixed an issue with decoding videos encoded using the data partitioning feature from the DivX 5.0.2 encoder
  • Fixed subtle artifacts when decoding videos that use adaptive quantization
  • Fixed blurred motion when decoding interlaced clips
  • Fixed a bug where the VFW codec would in some circumstances fail to decode Xvid video

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