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CuteFTP 8.3.3

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CuteFTP 8.3.3  Girişi değiştir

  • Added support for Windows 2008 Server.
  • All languages are now deployed by a single installer (with English as the default).
  • Connection wizard will revalidate the host connection if you go back through the wizard and change the host name.
  • CuteFTP now numerates additional bookmarks with the same name.
  • When you attempt to connect to a site using a different username, you are not prompted to use the existing connection. If the username is blank or if the username is the same as an existing connection, then you are asked if you want to use the existing connection.
  • Fixed error that caused Folder Monitor to fail if you save the TE queue and then reload it.
  • Fixed issues with ISA Proxy / Squid Proxy uploads.
  • Various usability fixes (e.g., changed "mbs" to "Mbs")
  • Upgraded ModeZ (zlib compression).

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