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Core FTP LE 2.0 (Build 1487) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Core FTP LE 2.0 (Build 1487)  Girişi değiştir

- SFTP connect/disconnect fixes
- Permissions leak/crash problem fixed
- PASV/Active command line options
- SSH certificate drop down additions
- PROT V/C fallback for return code 534 (pureftpd)
- Mail message problem fixed
- Queue for decompression option added
- Command line not using remote startup folder, fixed
- VMS cut/paste issues fixed
- MVS rename issues fixed

- put/get/recv/stor, list added to scripts/cmd settings
- Script/Cmd parsing fixes
- Global proxy setting problems fixed

- NAT/IP resolve fixes for PASV connections.
- QUIT issued on exit for command line use.
- GXS ICS format added (pro).

- XCRC support added (adv -> transfers).
- NAT IP/Address resolves hostnames correctly.

- GUI updates to queue (last col & speed).
- Exiting Core FTP calls "QUIT" when connected.
- Double clicking directory/file problem on some machines, fixed.
- GUI crashing issues (mainly under 2003), fixed.
- "Email after all transfers complete" - mail subject fixed
- Shut down changed to 'Exit Core FTP'
- New Policy option - "don't save sessions on exit".
- SSL/TLS CA cert/key field added

- Save options and fixes to last URL/Directory dropdown.
- New FTP proxy type: user@hostname proxyUser.
- Skip Zero byte files transfer option added
- Global opton to save passwords in clear text (options -> policy).
- PROT C/P fixes/updates.

- Site to Site SFTP copying of permissions.
- Search screen queue/download delays fixed.
- CCC (Clear Command Channel) support added.

- MVS updates (chdir).
- MVS HFS server type added (adv -> general -> server type).

- SFTP updates (fixes/chmod/etc).
- FXP connection fixes.

- SFTP replaced with complete rewrite (improved speed and reliability).
- SFTP site to site transfers.
- Putty compatible SFTP option (adv->ssh).

- Winsock 1.1 option added.
- Directory interlocking (right click on file list, directory commands).
- Repace ':' characters with '_' on downloaded files.
- Offset hours able to use 0.5 increments.
- File renaming updates to include full filenames, wildcards.
- Sorting of results in search tool added.
- Memory leak on exit (search tool) fixed.
- Multi-connection mode allows working during transfers.

- The 2.0 version contains major internal changes to increase speed and use memory more efficiently.

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