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CCleaner 1.19.105

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CCleaner 1.19.105  Girişi değiştir

  • Added automatic update checking.
  • New redesigned Options section.
  • Issues are now selected by default.
  • Added Cancel button to Analyze feature.
  • Tools section now opens much faster.
  • Added setting to hide the backup issues prompt.
  • Fixed IE Cache cleaning on Non-English systems.
  • Fixed website links, so they work on all machines.
  • Fixed some window resizing errors.
  • Fixed bug in applications tree when switching languages.
  • Fixed applications section order with winapp2.ini.
  • Fixed bug in shutdown process.
  • Fixed bug when invalid cookie is found.
  • Fixed \'subscript out of range\' error on issue fixing.
  • Minor restyling to Tools.
  • Adding cleaning for MS Snapshot Viewer.
  • Updated eMule cleaning.
  • Updated Media Player Classic cleaning.
  • Updated MS Office 2003 cleaning.
  • Fixed MS Office cleaning to stop settings being deleted.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes.

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