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BitTorrent 4.9.2

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BitTorrent 4.9.2  Girişi değiştir

Changes in this release:
  • completely new UI
  • smart download/queuing behavior
  • smart seeding behavior
  • torrent priority system
  • detailed progress bar and "piece bar" progress bar
  • better save location management ("incomplete" and "finished" locations)
  • automatic bandwidth management
  • download rate control
  • transfer rate graphs
  • choose which files to download first from a torrent
  • better error handling and reporting
  • fast extensions (see
  • torrent "title" support (see
  • multiple tracker support
  • encryption support
  • Zeroconf ("Rendezvous") local discovery
  • sparse files
  • threaded Disk IO
  • translation update system
  • now using wxWidgets instead of GTK on Windows, GUI is now native and should be a lot more stable
  • removed support for Python 2.2
  • lots of bug fixes

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