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BitComet 0.83

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BitComet 0.83  Girişi değiştir

- GUI Improved: add option in HTTP task properties dialog to enable P2P http download
- GUI Improved: add hot key Ctrl+R in add HTTP task group dialog, to replace selected text in url to wildcard "(*)"
- GUI Improved: refer page url is filled to new http task when drag URL from IE to floating window
- GUI Improved: new network rate graph of the floating window in large size
- GUI Improved: improve the IE context menu for BitComet, add sub menu to download particular objects in the webpage
- GUI Improved: add comment and preview/play column in task list
- GUI Improved: WAN IP and network connection status is displayed in status bar of the main window, showing if the listen port is reachable to public domain peers
- GUI Improved: enhance the RSS list display function
- GUI Improved: add options in perferences dialog to enable network connection status auto check
- GUI Improved: add options in perferences dialog to enable task statistical info submitting
- GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that "save torrent as" in task context menu will save other task's torrent file if catogory is selected in fav list
- GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of the sort operation in task list
- GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that the URL link name is not displayed in the selection dialog of downloading all links
- GUI Bugfix: fix the display bug of floating window in Windows Vista
- GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that the task list is not refreshed after cancel the operation of add HTTP task group
- GUI Bugfix: fix the display bug of the HTTP task info window when switching selected task
- Core Improved: add P2P download function to HTTP task, able to search more peers to speed up downloading
- Core Improved: reconstruction NAT Traversal via UDP using encription connections
- Core Improved: improve the robustness of video file preview. the crash of video codec will not terminate BitComet main program
- Core Bugfix: fix the bug that HTTP download resume will fail if the web server is rebooted

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