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Avant Browser 11.6 Build 11 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Avant Browser 11.6 Build 11  Girişi değiştir

* Fixed the bug that RSS cannot be sorted by date
* Fixed the drag & drop bug with favicon of the address bar
* Fixed the bug that no item is checked in the "Auto Refresh All Windows" menu
* Fixed the bug that the spacebar doesn't work in Customize Toolbars
* Fixed the bug that RSS reader doesn't remove old messages
* Fixed the bug where the help menu disappears after switching back from full desktop & full screen mode
* Fixed the keywords encoding error while setting yahoo as standard search engine
* Fixed the bug where you cannot delete avant.exe while uninstalling Avant
* Fixed the bug where the login dialog cannot show up under some conditions
* Fixed the bug where you cannot switch tabs while continuously opening a lot of tabs
* Fixed the bug where you cannot successfully import the bookmarks with special codes from FireFox
* Fixed the encoding error while importing bookmarks
* Fixed the confliction issue with the DEP technology of Windows Server 2008(Longhorn)
* Fixed the display error of some pages with frame structure
* Fixed the title coding and items sorting errors in RSS
* Fixed the error that cannot switch focus to the page from address bar
* Fixed the keyword coding error in Baidu search engine
* Fixed the auto-complete error in search bar
* Fixed the bug that cannot totally clean out the recent history records
* Fixed the bug where the main system buttons would disappear when you went Full Screen or Full Desktop
* Speed up startup process and UI
* Perfected the performance of the mouse gesture
* Perfected RSS function
* Detached the up-right icons from the tabs bar
* Arranged the location of the buttons in up right corner under Full Screen & Full Desktop mode
* Added a function to close left & right tabs of the current one
* Added an option to tick & untick the mouse gesture trail
* Added some Google Translations
* Added the function of saving page as image
* Added the function of saving page as text
* Added the function of setting new window's default zoom size
* Added the function of renewing the default configuration of Avant
* Added the hot key Ctrl+shift+Z to reopen the latest closed page

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