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Audacity 1.2.1

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Audacity 1.2.1  Girişi değiştir

  • The following translations have been added or updated: Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian.
  • Fix a bug that could cause data to be lost when pasting audio from one project into another, after the first project has been saved and closed.
  • Fix a possible crash when opening or resizing the Equalization window, especially when using large system fonts.
  • Don't allow percentages less than -100% in Change Pitch/Speed/Tempo effects (fixes a possible crash).
  • Fix a crash when the temporary directory is not available on startup.
  • Correctly load ID3 tags saved in Audacity project files.
  • On Linux and OS X, store lockfiles in the temp directory instead of the user's home directory. This fixes problems in lab environment where users have restricted or network-mounted home directories.
  • Fix a bug that prevented Nyquist effects from running when certain regional settings were activated.
  • Fix a bug in the Quick Mix command that could cause old temporary files to not be deleted.
  • Linux: Fix endianness problems in playback on PowerPC.
  • Linux: Fix compilation problem in Nyquist on MIPS.
  • Linux: Include a more recent PortAudio v19 snapshot (fixes compilation problems when building with the --with-portaudio=v19 option).
  • Two new Nyquist plug-ins: "Cross Fade In" and "Cross Fade Out."
  • Other minor bug-fixes.

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