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ACDSee 2.2

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ACDSee 2.2  Girişi değiştir

  • + added support for DCX format (multi-page PCX FAX)
  • reduced memory overhead for loading GIF images
  • the file list is automatically updated when files are dropped into it, even if the "auto-refresh" option is turned off
  • !! file list would sometimes auto-refresh continuously when running on Windows 95 and "Cache in descript.ion" and "Reading image information" and "Auto-refresh" options were turned on
  • !! some interlaced animated GIF images were not decoded properly
  • !! round-off error could cause horizontal lines to appear when decoding interlaced images at a high zoom level
  • !! problem handling animated GIF images with missing GCE's
  • !! fixed problem with "View all images in folder" not working when ACDSee was started on the command line

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